Month: December 2016

Web Portfolio for Local Businesses

Our entire web portfolio is available for viewing upon request. We will be updating this section periodically. However, we would like for you to know that we have a certain niche in the service industry within local communities. We help local businesses particular in the service industry like plumbers, painters and tree services.

What we recognize about this specific business group is that they are really trained to do their job well. However, where they can be deficient is in the area of marketing their business to the residents in the area. We help to walk alongside these businesses with the intent to grow and expand their business.

We help with the following for our local businesses:

  • Content Management Solutions
  • E-Commerce
  • Copyright & Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Design & Integration
  • Email Newsletter Marketing
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Flash
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)

How we help you? Practically, we work with your company to design a plan of action to market your services to your local area. We begin with your website. We artfully craft it according to your industry. Here is an example from River City Tree Service of how we helped them. We also will grow their social media accounts. We focus on establishing Google plus page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  Next we will focus on helping our clients to rank their websites in their local area. We have found that this brings about great results.

If you would like to contact us or contact some of our local businesses for review, then let us know.

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Zolli Web Design

“ZOLLI, Inc. – Core Creativity. Creative services company specializing in Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design and Branding/Identity.”

Being able to create an emotional connection between your customers and you is extremely significant.
At ZOLLI, Inc. we recognize the importance of this and have 100% trust in our creative team. Every project has it’s own uniqueness of challenges. How we overcome those challenges is a well kept family secret here at ZOLLI, Inc.


From the simplest dynamic web site to e-commerce solutions, we can customize our development solutions to fit them exactly to your needs.

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