Social Media Marketing is becoming the new norm for branding your companies name. As internet marketer, I must confess that I love social media. Think about how far we have come to being able to increase our exposure. A few years back, we were dependent upon the Yellow Pages. Now, at the touch of a button we can send information out about our company that can reach thousands and even millions. We live in such a time that the opportunities we have to increase the exposure of our businesses has never been seen before. With one comment on Facebook, I can reach people with my company name and telephone number. Again, it is a great time to have a small business.

The only problem for small businesses is that they are so focused on business items that they rarely get the opportunity to dig into social media marketing. It is a fascinating field. People now have the opportunity to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you are a business owner and you are looking to advertise you company on Social Media. You could quickly create a video and upload to YouTube allowing people to search for tree service Columbia SC. At the touch of a button, people can now play your video and find your business on the internet. It is amazing that we can do this.

We have worked with 100’s of companies who have success in lots of different social media outlets. Facebook Ads have been great for us. We walk our clients through the advantages of Facebook Ads. The great thing about these ads is that they are so cheap in comparison to other ads like Google AdWords. They are also great because so many people are on Facebook. Who knows how long this bubble will last. However, it is hot and big right now. We will continue to point our clients in this direction.

What is the next big thing? Videos. People watch thousands of videos. The reality of video marketing has not caught on yet. However, it is about to catch fire. People love videos. It will become like commercials on television. We will soon have access to be able to watch tons of videos as commercials in different formats. We are just beginning to see the opportunity that our video ads can have for our clients. If you are looking for an example, here is an example of a company, Spartanburg Plumbers, that has bought in to videos. You can also look at this company, Des Moines Tree Service, for other examples of how video marketing is being used.